NYU makeover takeover contrast historic Police building

Here is the story you will never hear in the press because NYU has too many powerful friends including in the media plus deep pockets and learn a little more about the East Village lower East Side down to China Town.  NYU mega dormed the East Village to death as evictions continue to rise and so does NYU student housing but NYU won't give us community outreach resource centers.

I contrast this with the historic old NYPD building now condos but they did give the community a senior citizen center unlike NYU.  I asked NYU directly in a meeting and I asked Mayor Bloomberg on the John Gambling show since evictions of long term community members continue to rise along with small businesses. 

If you are a critic of America's foreign policies now that John Sexton is our George Bush jr or Darth Vader.

John Sexton, pres. of NYU, Mayor Bloomberg and Amanda Burden have done everything but provide NYU buses and trolleys to move us out.  The park the buses on Lafayette Street and Broadway rather than on their massive real estate.

I also tell you about a slick move by Cooper Union to supersize our neighborhood and like NYU also right by delipidated subway systems and infrastructures below ground.  NYU weighs heaviest on our old infrastructure.

Please make sure to also watch this youtube I made to understand John "the church murder of St. Ann's 120 East 12th Streets" Sexton run down to city hall to testify for mayor Mike Bloomberg" and how besides losing our neighborhooods and community we lost more of what was left of democracy.



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